Airi looks beautiful in this.

Maimiiiii so beautiful! Love chisatos hair

I really like this song but I just really don't like the fact that Maichan and Nacky doesn't have any solo lines :(

the meaning of this song is soo strong... I wanted to cry so bad. It talks about that escaping isn't really a coward decision, rather a better one to choose at because there are times that we can't really force ourselves to go on that kind of situation if we are not ready.
If we can't escape our problems, there are still ways to solve it, just look for more and you'll search it someday. . I like how the lyrics were made. This isn't just a simple song, but rather, it's an inspirational song. Good job. wish C-ute will be promote more and have these kinds of songs.

This is one of C-ute's best songs and MV's. The lyrics have a good meaning behind them, they're on a beautiful set, all girls nicely dressed, good camera angles, etc... I'm really impressed how far they've come. They will always be my favourite group in Hello Project.

is it just me or sounds like anime song..? hope it would be debuted into anime opening or some sort of that though :) love the amazing lyrics!

Airi is stunning! They have grown into such beautiful ladies! °C-ute will always be in my heart

I think that Mai and Saki sings better than Chisato... I don't know why Chisato is a main vocalist...

I can't wait to see the Dance Shot Version, I just fall in love with this song! I'm glad that in these last 3 songs, were equitable for each girl. °C-ute please, never disbands! you are so talent and charming! Keep it up! :D

I love the song but I hate that MaiMai and Nacky get no lines, and them being the only ones with white tops and other three having black tops make it seem like their part of the back up dancers.

The vocals are seriously gorgeous in this song, I love that they didn't autotune everything.

Is it just me or should they use this song for an anime? Because it sounds like it should. It's such an amazing song!

I've listened this like 100000 times and not getting tired on it!! Love it!! All of them are really beautiful, especially Chisato, and the melody is just so good and the lyrics aswell! Much love from Finland :)

I love this song. It's very different from other songs they have performed. They have really grown into beautiful young ladies. I can't wait to see what they come up with next. This song would be perfect for a Final Fantasy game

This song is so great and very motivated especially listen to it during hard times. Its so hard to find this kind of song in today's world where many song talks about sex and desperate love. Arigato, C-ute. :)
素晴らしい曲だし、辛い時に聴くととても元気がでるね。いまの音楽はセックスのことだったら恋愛のことばかりでこういう曲を見つけるのは難しい。アリガト ℃-ute

Since my entry into the hello project fandom a few years ago, C-ute was becoming the group that I was least interested in. But man, did they deliver with this song!. If i ever make a list of the top 10 best hello project songs of all time, this one will make the list for sure. They got my attention with this song.

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