I don't know why there is new auditions for ANGERME... I don't want too see a new Morning Musume, ANGERME is better than that. And I don't want to see Rina, Takechan, Kana, Maho in the background again. Please, for this new generation I want only one member...

I really hope they only pick ONE girl to be in ANGERME. I kinda don't want it to turn out like MM, in terms of line distribution (and size). Then again angerme has great vocalists fingers crossed

I hope this doesn't mean she will graduate anytime soon. With Maro graduating soon I think my heart can't take it....
That said I am always excited for new members =D

I doubt anyone under the age of 13 would actually win the audition. I can't picture a 10 year old joining ANGERME.

Kaga would probably not fit into ANGERME, she's more of a MM-type, no? She's more serious-ish, I would think?
I could see Musubu fitting really well in, though.

Tbh, she doesn't give a Momusu image either. She has a Juice=Juice aura in her imo.

I agree with Kaga being a Juice=Juice type.

Hmmm.... Kaga looks kinda J=J-y, but I don't want her to be in J=J because then she'll get pushed behind Karin, too. And I like Kaga. xD

time to steal more local idols.

Im predicting Ayacho will leave maybe 3 months after the new member(s) come, soooooooooo Kananan for leader?!

I think they'll add two new members and then, after Maro is gone, Angerme will be 10 members and there won't be a huge difference in number at least.

3rd gen was added not even a year ago. This seems so forced. Such a smack in the face for Maho, Mizuki, and Rikako.

Looks like H!P now want bigger and bigger group,, 0.0

I'm really excited by this announcement!
Personally, I love new members and big groups. More idols to love and cheer for ?

Ichioka Reina + 1 new girl plz.

What in the actual hell.
I understand that Nyon's graduating, but the group would be fine as an 8 member group. This is exactly what I wasn't hoping for ANGERME. But since it's already happening, I hope they only add two members. A 10 member group is good enough, we don't need 13-15 members like Morning Musume. It makes it harder to like the girls since there's already the seniors who are getting attention and making apperances in the media.

I really really hope they only choose 1 girl, or nobody at all. Angerme is at it's finest right now and I don't want them to change much or make it hard for the girls to shine by making it a big group like MM. But I guess we'll see. Auditions are really soon....

I wouldn't mind Ruru or Reina getting in.

I think there's a high possibility of Ruru joining in my opinion... Reina doesn't really fit ANGERME image but I really like Reina so I would be happy if she joined!
I also see Musubu joining she seems to fit the image of ANGERME the most

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